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Strong, positive relationships are extremely important in every aspect of our lives. Dr. Nic Natale is committed to help individuals, couples, and organizations see their God-given strengths in difficult situations. His desire is for you to flourish in your relationships.

As a therapist, speaker, teacher, and author, Dr. Natale is committed to help by first meeting people where they are.  His compassionate and insightful approach provides an environment where change can take place.  The first step is often the most difficult.  Real change is possible.  Hope is real and you are stronger than you think.  No matter the situation, there is another way to live a life that flourishes. 


Reviews and Quotes

"I am so thankful for the honor and time given to my husband and me. I feel it has taken us to a new level in our journey as a couple. Dr. Nic Natale has an incredible insight into the issues that had to be addressed." - N.S.

"My husband and I were fortunate enough to find Dr. Nic last year. I was skeptical because I find it extremely difficult to trust people and had been to 2 or 3 psychologists myself with very little success. Dr. Nic was different. He was patient, kind, and nonjudgmental and obviously wants his patients to succeed. My husband and I have learned to work through our issues without beating each other up and we are enjoying this wonderful journey of marriage." - C.R.

I came to Nic for help dealing with the lingering effects of an abusive marriage. Through what seemed like casual conversation, he allowed me to work through my stumbling blocks. I now have a different perspective, and strategies to deal with my life in a healthy and constructive way. Thanks Nic!" - L.T.

"Dr. Nic worked with me on lingering childhood
issues which seemed to affect every part of my life. He worked patiently with me helping me fill in the blanks and put the puzzle pieces together. Talking to him was like talking to a good friend and opening up to him was not nearly as difficult as I thought. God gives us what we need and God definitely brought Dr. Nic to us." - G.S.


A variety of articles and posts written by Nic Natale and colleagues on the subject of marriage, intimacy, faith, wellness, and sexual experience.  We would love to read your thoughts about these amazing topics.  

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Take Action

It's important to take action when opportunity presents itself.  The courage to take the first step towards real change is the most important.  There are several ways you can take your first step towards change today.

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