Nic is available for speaking engagements for conferences, community groups, and regional organizations on a variety of topics.  Topics can be tailored to your groups needs.  

Topics recently presented include,  


"How Do I Repair What I’ve Broken? Hope after the Affair”
“Is This All There is in Marriage?”
“The Four Horsemen that Will Doom Your Marriage”


"Fantastic Sexual Health"
“Rediscovering Intimacy in a Twerking World”
“The Three Doors of Intimacy: Finding Intimacy”
“Fostering Pleasure that Last”
“Can We Do That? Sex in a Christian Marriage”




"When Anger Burns"
“I Just Discovered My Daughter Cutting!”
“All He Wants to Do is Play Games!”

"Trust and How to Restore It"
"Giving Feedback that Actually Helps"

“Fighting Leadership Dragons”
“If We Don’t Change – We Die”